Welcome to Beta Pilates

“The private Pilates lessons I have had working with you was by far the BEST MIND AND BODY WORKOUT I ever experienced. Thank you for helping to make me feel GREAT!” — J.A. of Philadelphia

The Lessons
To achieve maximum results, Pilates should be practiced two to three times a week. This could be accomplished through a combination of private lessons, classes and work at home. Pilates is more successful when it is personalized; the more specific your direction, the more benefit you will receive. Beta Pilates customizes and supervises your workout in a relaxed, private environment to encourage your success and to empower you to meet the challenges of your daily life.

All sessions begin on the hour and last 50 minutes.
Please arrive a few minutes early!

First Session
Your first private lesson serves as an orientation to the Pilates method of body conditioning. You will learn the fundamentals of the Pilates method of body conditioning and exercises on the Mat and Equipment. This one-on-one session allows your instructor to evaluate your level of fitness and goals. From this assessment, your instructor will design a safe and effective personalized program for you to meet your specific conditioning goals, to challenge your fitness levels, and improve your physical and mental well-being.

In private lessons, you work individually with your instructor. The benefits of private lessons include the motivation to make each of your session productive and the inspiration to continue progressing toward your goals. Your results are maximized as they are continually evaluated and adjusted to meet your needs by your instructor. Private lessons are ideal if you wish to have your instructor’s complete attention to focus on your individual needs, and are highly recommended if you have specific goals, special physical needs or limitations, chronic pain, or are recovering from injuries or an illness.

In duet lessons, your instructor works with two people who want to work out together outside of a scheduled class. Both of you benefit from each other’s motivation while progressing towards your individual goals. Duet lessons are ideal for two individuals with similar fitness levels who desire the instructor’s focused attention. Two people with compatible goals and strengths are required.

Classes and Semi-private Sessions
At Beta Pilates, less is more! All of our classes and semi-private sessions are limited in size, giving you personal attention with the support of a group setting. Each Mat class and semi-private sessions on the Equipment provides you with the following complete workout:

Mat Classes (limited to 7)
The Matwork is the very heart and soul of the Pilates method of body conditioning. It is the most well-known and most difficult aspect of the method. You will perform this series of classic floor exercises including the Hundred, the Series of Five, and the Teaser, using the resistance of your own body and gravity to develop your abdominal strength, stability, flexibility, alignment and basic body awareness. You will learn how to strengthen your weaknesses and correct your muscular imbalances while releasing tension and creating flowing movement.

All classes are based on the traditional Intermediate series of the Matwork. Exercises incorporating the Magic Circle and/or Arm Weights may be included in your session. These exercises will add challenge to your Matwork and help you to tone your upper arms, activate your inner and outer thighs, access your Powerhouse and add variety to your workout.

Mat Classes have improved my strength and flexibility – I recommend them to any athlete looking to enhance their game.
- K.C. Jenkintown, PA

Tower Classes (limited to 4)
The Tower, or Wall Unit, is a modified Cadillac, which many seem to think resembles a medieval torture chamber!

Complete with leg & arm springs, and spring-loaded push through and roll back bars, the Tower is a versatile and effective piece of equipment. Exercises range from basic spring-assisted sit ups to advanced squats on one leg.

Your class is created from over 80 traditional Mat and Cadillac exercises to challenge your core abdominal muscles, strengthen your back, stabilize your pelvic and shoulder girdles, increase your stability, develop spinal flexibility while encouraging proper alignment and stretch your entire body.

"The Tower is the Total Gym of Pilates –
it works everything!"
- K.S. Abington, PA

Reformer Semi-Privates
(limited to 3)
The Universal Reformer features a sliding carriage upon which you lie, sit, kneel and stand while pushing away from and pulling into the Footbar in a series of controlled exercises which deeply engage your muscles. Adjustable springs provide your resistance, which simultaneously strengthens and stretches your muscles as you develop greater strength, improved balance, range of motion, and bone density.

This versatile apparatus offers you an effective and efficient workout that is kind to your joints. While performing even the more basic exercises, you will discover muscles you never knew you had! Your full-body Reformer workout is created from over 100 exercises to help you develop proper alignment and core stability while working your arms and legs in a complete range of motion. You will work through a well-designed routine of challenging movements and fluid transitions at a level appropriate to your abilities. At the Advanced level, this superior workout challenges your stamina and endurance.

“The Reformer class is a fun, energizing workout that will forever change you from the inside out. The teachers make you feel like you’re the only person in the room. The personalized touch coupled with the awesome equipment is wonderful.”

Wunda Chair Semi-Privates
(limited to 3)
Do not confuse the Wunda Chair with a comfortable place to rest! Over 75 exercises may be performed while sitting, standing, kneeling, and even lying on the Chair, which closely resembles a wooden box with a movable pedal attached by springs. As you push down or pull up on the pedal with your arms or legs, your Powerhouse does most of the work while stabilizing the rest of your body.

These exercises engage the muscles of your lower back, shoulders, pelvis and abdomen, and efficiently stretch and rebalance muscles that have been strained or injured. This challenging, versatile piece of equipment offers you quite a workout to build strength, increase stamina and improve balance while adding variety to your routine. These sessions are available to intermediate and advanced clients only.

"The wunda chair has been a great way to work my overall strength and balance by activating muscles I never thought possible (my golf game has really improved too!)"
- A.C. Oreland, PA


Basic/Intermediate – Begin by learning Fundamental and Basic exercises with an introduction to the Intermediate level work. Beginners are presented with the foundation of the method and learn proper technique to strengthen the Powerhouse.

Intermediate/Advanced – Challenge by incorporating Advanced exercises into the Intermediate level work. Increase your strength and flexibility and coordination through more complex exercises and variations.

Open – Progress to a higher level of skill and body awareness in this mixed level class based on intermediate exercises with some Advanced level exercises. Modifications are offered for beginners, while more experienced participants continue to refine their form and focus on the precision, control and flow of the exercises.

Welcome to Beta Pilates